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Phone Sex with Shemale Alana

I love sexy men who will fully appreciate this sexy woman, and who know how to touch the woman deep inside of me. And, the best way for me to get what I want, is to chat with hot guys.


Phone Sex with Shemale Andie

I love men who know what they want and know how to take it. Come close to me and strip me down and take in my beautiful body, baby soft skin and incredibly fuckable mouth.


Phone Sex with Shemale Dana

This loving, compassionate woman knows exactly what her men need. She may love you gently or she may fuck you hard. But she will definitely leave her mark upon your soul.


Phone Sex with Shemale Danni

Mistress Danni loves to explore the sexuality of the bi-curious male submissive. Danni enjoys hot lovemaking and hard-core fuck sessions. Call and experience the one and only!


Phone Sex with Shemale Frankie

Frankie's penis is so long, she can pull it between her legs and have you blow her from behind. When you play with her, come prepared for hot, kinky games and good hard fucks.


Phone Sex with Shemale Jaye

Jaye has the perfect tits to hold, an ass you can't help but lick and a nice thick cock to do with as you please. Jaye has a body that will bring you to your knees, good place to be, huh?



 This Seductive Beauty will turn heads, even with her nicely tucked away secret package. She has No Taboo's and is ready for anything you have. She has 7-1/2 inches of clitty. 


I am the sassy girl next door that liked to tease and please. So pick up that phone and give me a call. Let's take each other to the forbidden pleasures you've always wanted to try.


Phone Sex with Shemale Layne

Mommies do come in all packages, and Mommy Layne has a very special package just for her adoring boy toys. She would love to have you cuddle up and suckle her breasts.


Phone Sex with Shemale Leslie

I want that needy body of yours kneeling between My legs, like the good fuck slut that you are, while your tongue continues up to My thighs and right onto My massive dick.


Phone Sex with Shemale Luna

Come lay beside me and move your hands through my thick hair, across my breasts, down my hard stomach and plant them firmly around my hardening cock. Our sex will be rough.


Phone Sex with Shemale Margo

Nobody is watching -- so get on your knees, you little Sissy Bitch, and start PLEASING me. NOW!! Open your mouth and slide my big, thick cock right down that eager throat of yours.



Phone Sex with Shemale Randi

I want my special friends, like you, to release all those outside stresses so that I can do all sorts of dirty and nasty things to you. Are you prepared to be my down-and-dirty little whore?


Phone Sex with Shemale Robin

This sexy shemale trophy wife has secrets the other ladies in her lunch club will never know. Her husband fell in love with her mind and her hard body, and she'll do the same to you.


Phone Sex with Shemale Sissy

You really think yours is bigger? Pull it out and let's compare. Come on Baby Doll, I won't bite -- unless you want me to. *wink* Get over here, BIG BOY, and lets rub them together.


Phone Sex with Shemale Tamara

Tamara is a true romantic! She loves sucking cock by the fire - or getting hers sucked. ~smile~ Are you looking for a smart, intelligent woman? Then Tamara is the girl for you.


Phone Sex with Shemale Taryn

My body's an open road and your tongue will smoothly map the way to our destination. I have plenty of dangerous curves and I'm also extremely slippery when wet.


Phone Sex with Shemale Terri

I want us to go out and party, watch all the men drool over my sexy ass, while BOTH our cocks get rock hard from the attention. Oh, the things that will happen when we get back home!



Phone Sex with Shemale Trixie

 I  love myself just the way I am -- and you will, too! I have a Cute, Fuckable Ass,  Perky, Little Titties and a Long, Lusty Dick! Want some? 

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$2.50 Per Minute

*20 Minute Blocks Are Always $40.00* (calling from U.S.A. only)

2-Girl Calls / $3.99 Per Minute

3-Girl Orgy Calls / $5.99 Per Minute

Calls Outside The U.S.A. / $3.99 Per Minute


(10-Minute Minimum)

(All Calls Will Show On Your Credit Card  Statement As "Chloe Enterprises")

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